"The Kapiti Women's Centre provides a unique and important service to our community."

HUB Member

Hub is the management team of the Kapiti Women’s Centre with overall responsibility for the Centre.

Skills you need to be a HUB member:

  • An active interest in supporting women
  • An ability to work in a collective environment
  • Experience with problem solving and decision making
  • Be self motivated and a creative thinker
  • Have time and energy to commit to the management of KWC
  • The ability and willingness to take on management responsibilities

If you would like to be part of this team then:

  • Come along to a HUB meeting and meet with us to decide if this is a group you would like to join
  • At a separate time you will be interviewed by three HUB members to be accepted into the group

You will be asked to:

  • Attend a HUB meeting at least once a month and often more frequently
  • Contribute to range of tasks that are the responsibility of HUB such as employment and support of both paid and unpaid staff; development of policy and procedures; monitoring the day to day operation of the Centre; overall planning for the Centre’s continuing work and development
  • Participate in Centre activities such as Hui, fundraising and social events

View the current HUB Management Team